We help people with severe visual impairments


The Mathilda foundation supports organizations and projects which provide well-thought-out help to the visually impaired. It is important to show people who want to help that every little bit counts, as long as it is properly directed. There are many people who have problems with their sight or are blind, and they themselves know best what kind of help they need. The main idea of the endowment fund is to pair up those who need help with those who know how to help.

That is also why the Mathilda foundation publishes its yearly calendar, titled We help those who can help. And this time it is you who can provide the most help to those who can help, by purchasing the calendar. You will be supporting the training and upbringing of young puppies, future guide dogs.

The proceedings from sale of our calendar in previous years were used to support the construction of a dog maternity clinic, the SONS Center for Training of Guide Dogs in Jinonice, the Conservatory of Jan Deyl, the Mathilda Junior Camp project and the Tyfloservis center for social rehabilitation. Imagine that the proceedings from the sale of a single calendar can cover the training of a puppy for one week.

The calendar is always authored by various photographers. Sometimes the whole calendar is prepared by a single author (Antonin Maly, Jadran Setlik), on other occasions it is the result of the joint efforts of several authors (Lucie Matos Claro, Herbert Slavik, Marek Kucera, …). However, one thing always remains the same. The photos always show an important celebrity and a guide dog.

Calendar 2016 vernissage