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Well CSC online seva kendra is the initiative taken by the Government of India in order to deliver E-governance services to every part of the country. The Digital Seva not only deals with the government to citizen related services but also helps a person in the rural or urban area to take advantage of travel booking online.

The primary aim of the initiative is to ensure that the government services are accessible across India, even in rural and remote areas. The Digital Seva kendra CSC portal offers services to the citizens directly to the home, bringing transparency and accountability in the system. These centres work in eliminating the middle man and prevent corruption in the government offices.

Digital Seva Common Services Centre is an online portal where citizens are provided access to various government services. The CSC e-Governance is a portal developed by the Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology, Government of India. Citizens can use the portal for online application of various certificates, government services, banking and insurance services.



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