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Students have full access to Office 365 and have a variety products to access. Using your university email address as your "User Name" and using your Claflin University network "email password", you can can access this service through the following link:

Office 365 Full Portal Access: Additionally, you can go directly to a product through the following links:

When you first sign in or from your profile link, located in the upper right corner of the Office 365 portal page, you should provide an alternate email address (Only, if you have one!) and provide a cell phone to allow you to recover your password and unlock your account. The password recovery and account unlocking will be accomplished with these items. A code will be texted to you (assuming you choose to use the telephone number!) and it will immediately unlock or reset your password. The password reset and account unlock will be written back to the campus servers and be changed on campus at the same time.

Also, Visit here

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