We help people with severe visual impairments

Technical support

Two blind employees provide over-the-phone help to similarly impaired individuals with problems related to computers, mobile phones, their accessories and other digital compensation tools. They can thus help the callers with using and operating such tools.

We advise over the phone too

When such long-distance communication fails, clients are of course also welcome to arrange a personal meeting to discuss everything at the center. In exceptional cases, our instructors can also visit clients at home.

The most frequent scenario is that a client wants to use a service he or she had read about but doesn’t know how to use due to their visual impairment.

Our employees often also help those who want to download and read books and magazines in the digital library operated by Mathilda foundation. And last but not least, we also provide courses specially made to suit the needs and requirements of specific clients.


Technical Support Center employees:

Tomáš Pavlan
mobile: 602 331 994

Jiri Zadrazil
mobile: 602 331 995