We help people with severe visual impairments

Social rehabilitation

A book in Braille lettersMany visually impaired adults can live their lives with no problems at all and without any special support from their surroundings. However, the vast majority of the visually impaired does need and welcomes some help from time to time. And often times the best help they can get is information about their options, provided by a well-informed and educated person – a social rehabilitation instructor.

An instructor can show all the things the visually impaired can do. Together they can select the right tools which can later help the client in his or her life in many ways; for instance, clients can learn to properly and efficiently use the white cane, allowing them to go shopping or run some errands on their own. They can also learn about other methods of reading and writing, when their eyesight simply isn’t good enough for the “standard” techniques. Together they can discuss the client’s problems at their residence, and potentially come up with suitable adjustments. The instructor can also speak with the client’s closest ones and help them better cope with difficult situations.

A monitor can be also handledAll in all, thankfully there exist organizations in the Czech Republic which can help the visually impaired with all of the above. And the Mathilda foundation is doing its best to help such organizations – for instance financially, by contributing to the purchase of a specific compensation tool or even a car so that instructors can react even to those clients who live farther away.

One such organization is also the non-profit organization Tyfloservis, a long-term partner of Mathilda foundation. In December 2015, we gave them a new, specially adjusted training kitchen for clients from Usti nad Labem.

Eva Holubova in a special features kitchenette for visually impaired and blind