We help people with severe visual impairments


The Mathilda foundation participates in and organizes, with its clients, friends, partners as well as the general public, various projects and activities supporting the visually impaired.

These notably include the upbringing and training of guide dogs, the annual gala concert at the Estates Theatre, printing of our own calendar with a guide dog theme as well as a range of benefit events supporting young talented impaired artists. The activities of the Mathilda foundation also include areas such as social rehabilitation, IT support or computer courses for the visually impaired. Social life and regular meetings of the Mathilda foundation also form an important part of what we do.

Lady Mathilda with Eva Holubova

Most activities are also attended by the patroness of Mathilda, the countess Mathilda Nostitz, who significantly contributes to our collaboration with partners and the general public. Thanks to our friends, you are also welcome to have a look at a number of interesting photos and snapshots available in the detailed descriptions of individual projects.