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Countess Mathilda Nostitz

Lady MathildaCountess Mathilda Nostitz was born in a chateau in Plana near the town of Marianske Lazne as the oldest daughter of count Karl Nostitz. Even though her ancestors considered themselves of Czech origin, after the communists took over the family left Czechoslovakia in June 1948. In 1970, Mathilda Nostitz married an Italian diplomat and accompanied him during his travels all over the world. Her husband has been the ambassador of the Order of Malta in the Czech Republic from 2006 to 2015. Even though the countess lived abroad from the age of 12, she always actively followed the situation at home and returned as soon as this became possible, in 1989. Today she alternates living in the Czech Republic and Italy.

Lady Mathilda with her husband at homeCountess Nostitz has been helping the visually impaired for over 20 years and has also received a number of prestigious awards for her activities in the area. She succeeded in personally supporting many projects (and became, among others, the patron of the Club of Guide Dog Owners, accepted patronage over the White Crayon collection etc.) and organized a whole range of important social events. She also contributed significant financial resources to various activities which directly help the visually impaired. Her activities are an example of an exceptional personal engagement in helping a group of people with a severe medical disability.

The name of countess Mathilda Nostitz is understandably tied to all of the projects and events organized by the Mathilda foundation, which she founded and is the patron of. She herself says: “Help is not a matter of money, it is a matter of the heart”.

Lady Mathilda with senator Milan Pesak