We help people with severe visual impairments

Our team of workers

The training of guide dogs for the blind is of a high standard in the Czech Republic and has many years of tradition under its belt. Those of us who are involved in training guide dogs under the name of “Mathilda” also have many years of experience and practice behind us. We have experience of private practice and from work at a large training school, have trained and provided dozens of dogs and have experience and training in working with visually-impaired people.

Hana Jasenovcova and steps trainingHana Jasenovcova

Involved in training guide dogs since 1989. Has behind her dozens of dogs personally trained and delivered and was involved in others during her fifteen years of work at the Guide Dog Training Centre (SVVP). Worked there as the head of training from 1997 and as director between 2005 and 2012. Has great experience in assessing almost four hundred trained dogs at SVVP. Is a qualified instructor of spatial orientation and independent movement (Tyfloservis o.p.s.) and a social worker. She is a court-approved expert specialising in training dogs for the handicapped (www.jasenovcova.cz).

Hana Hoskova

Hana Hoskova

Involved in training guide dogs for 20 years, she has trained and handed over more than 100 dogs to blind clients. Considerably experienced, her dogs are always provided with a high standard and quality of training. She worked at SVVP between 1997 and 2012 and apart from training dogs was involved in teaching new, novice instructors. She was also the head of training in her final year. She is a qualified instructor of spatial orientation and independent movement (Tyfloservis o.p.s.) and a social services worker. She also now works at the Dědina Reconditioning and Requalification Centre, where she is involved in teaching spatial awareness for visually-impaired people.

Eliska TyrolerovaEliska Tyrolerova

One of the new generation of guide dog trainers. After her second semester at the Czech Agricultural University, she took up a temporary position at SVVP and stayed there until the end of 2012. She has behind her 10 successfully trained and delivered dogs and a big future ahead of her. She is qualified in social services and completed a course for instructors of spatial awareness and independent movement (Tyfloservis o.p.s.) in 2015.


Katerina Blecherova

Another of the young generation. A graduate of the Department of Zoology at the Faculty of Science at Charles’ University, where she specialised in ethology.  She worked at SVVP from 2009 during her doctorate studies at the Faculty of Humanities. She has also taken part in a number of conferences, among them Freedom of Movement: Our Right, Too? as organised by the European Guide Dog Federation (EGDF). She is currently on maternity leave.

Jana Maresova

Has been involved in training guide dogs for 21 years, during which time she has trained and handed over almost 100 guide dogs and assistance dogs. She began training guide dogs at the Czech Union of the Blind and Visually-Impaired in 1992. She also worked with SVVP for many years and then with the Integrace association. She now works with her daughter mainly in training assistance dogs and sometimes guide dogs.