We help people with severe visual impairments

Other events

Aside from larger social and benefit events with several successful years of tradition intended for the general public, the Mathilda foundation also organizes events with a bit of a more specialized focus, often intended for specific groups of invitees. These include for instance the corporate events of our large partners, where the Mathilda foundation presents the topic of living with a visual impairment. Meetings between visually impaired individuals with smaller groups of people then bring both groups a range of extraordinary experiences, new findings, but also entertainment.

Notable events include:

ERA – Children’s Day

As is tradition, the Mathilda foundation and Tyfloservis jointly present their activities at the spring Children’s Day event organized for employees of our important partners – CSOB and ERA Postovni Sporitelna. Children can try what it’s like to be visually impaired, they can take a walk with a guide dog or write their name in Braille. On this occasion last year, the foundation accepted a cheque worth CZK 300,000 which we will use on training another guide dog, and we are very thankful for the provided support.

Kids just love dogs

Dog Day

The first Dog Day was held on a hot summer day on a football stadium in Vinor. Mathilda had its own stand at the event, and during the day it presented the training of guide dogs for the visually impaired. Those who were interested could try walking with a dog when blindfolded, and thus get an idea how complicated even something as simple as walking can be when you lose your sight.

Swing Evening

Great mood on dancing floor!As was the case many years in the past, on one autumn evening the Radiopalace is filled by the swing music of the Gustav Brom Big Band. Other artists performing at this so-called Swing Evening include names such as Dasha, Jan Smigmator, Marta Kubisova, Eva Pilarova, Josef Laufer and Leona Machalkova. These evening events follow up on the tradition of the well-known “Early Evening Tea” parties which dates back to the sixties. It is indeed a pity that this form of evening entertainment has all but disappeared from today’s society; based on the extremely positive feedback we received so far, such events are in great demand.  By inviting other important personalities of the domestic swing scene and securing media support of Czech Radio, we would like to give these events a fresh look and build on their grand tradition of the past.

Mrs. Vondrackova and her new dog LeryThese benefit evenings supporting the Mathilda foundation are organized by Mrs. Jitka Blahova; everyone who buys a ticket contributes. If you want to be entertained, dance, have a drink, listen to music and additionally also help a good cause, you are more than welcome. On behalf of the Mathilda foundation, countess Mathilda Nostitz accepted a CZK 25,000 cheque from the organizer of the event last year, and we are very grateful for the provided support. We will use the funding to partially cover the costs for the new guide dog, Lery, of Mrs. Vondrackova, who has recently suffered the loss of her previous helper and companion.

      Great mood on the stage          Lady Mathilda, Jitka Blahova and Lubos Krapka