We help people with severe visual impairments

One World

Aside from the digital library intended for the visually impaired, the Mathilda foundation also supports magazines. We currently offer the bimonthly “One World” (“Jeden Svět”) in acoustic form; both its new and archive issues can be downloaded free of charge from these websites. The goal of this magazine is to provide broad information about the world of the visually impaired, and hence help not only spread the message that it is possible to live a full life even with a strong visual impairment or blindness, but also help understand the fact that we are all part of one world. We merely have different means of how to perceive it.
Other Czech magazines which focus on the area of visually impaired are directed only for those with such impairments. The One World magazine is thus a unique project thanks to its focus on the general public.

One World Magazine
Jiri Mayer – editor
mobile: 774 564 599