We help people with severe visual impairments

Golf tournament

You have more fun in coupleGolf tournaments are perhaps not the most traditional event for a charity organization. However, the Mathilda foundation has already managed to organize five such tournaments – three on the golf course in Hodkovicky, two in Hostivar. Since golf is not played by just anyone, the participants of such tournaments are usually quite distinguished – and they all want to offer a helping hand. Perhaps enjoy a bit of sports and entertainment, meet with friends, and by paying a higher participation fee also contribute to one of the projects of the Mathilda foundation. The proceedings from last year’s tournament were used to buy 6 puppies, now being trained as new promising guide dogs for the visually impaired.

What direction do we play?These golf tournaments by now have an established program, and the players as well as their company are in fact counting on it. And who knows, perhaps the program is just as enticing for some as the tournament itself. All tournament participants meet after the game and enjoy excellent refreshments and beautiful music – virtually each year includes a young visually impaired artist introducing himself or herself, a thank-you by countess Mathilda Nostitz, and of course the raffle.

Tournaments sometimes last until late at night, but all players leave with a feeling of helping a good cause.

Beatiful women are not scarce at golfIt iseasier with a golf trolley

Elegance suits golf!

Additionally, the end of the 2015 golf tournament came with one extra surprise.

Representatives of CSOB Leasing gave NF Mathilda a Skoda Octavia Combi, suitable also to transport our guide dogs. As you can see on the attached photo, our patroness, Lady Mathilda, was deeply touched by this unexpected gift. Many thanks!

CSOB Leasing representatives handing over Skoda Octavia car to Mathilda foundation