We help people with severe visual impairments

Estates Theatre

Estates TheatrePerhaps the tradition that is closest to our patron, countess Mathilda Nostitz, are the regular benefit concerts in the Estates Theatre. The sixth such concert took place on 5 April 2016.

After all, this is a highly ceremonial event which allows the foundation to advertise itself also among the general public. Invitations to the event also represent certain thanks to our current sponsors or allow the fund to introduce itself to potential new ones.

Vocal trio MakabaraThe program consists of performances by prominent Czech and international artists in the area of classical music, and always includes performances of visually impaired artists. This form proves that music is one of the areas where there are virtually no boundaries between the worlds of those with sight and the visually impaired. And whether the artist can see or not is unsubstantial for guests interested in musical performance.

Galakoncert 2011

Artists performing at the benefit concert in the last years: Katerina Englichova, Martin David, Ludmila Peterkova, Milan Arner, PKF and Leos Svarovsky, Luigi Cartia, Makabara, M. Nostitz Quartet and Vjaceslav Grokhovsky, Ivona Mojziskova, Rachel Sklenickova, Kate Osborne, Patrick Williams, Eva Urbanova, Ivan Klansky, Marian Bango, Radek Zalud, Marek Duda, Vadim Titov, Vera Martinova, Marketa Matlova, Jakub Ulicnik, Varhan Orchestrovic Bauer, Eva Blazková, Jakub Blazek.

Resiliant Lady Mathilda Galakoncert 2013

Eva Holubova in great shapeConductor helps tooGalakoncert 2015