We help people with severe visual impairments

Digital library

How to read a magazineAs of summer 2015, the www.dkzp.cz portal offers over 15,000 books and documents to all visually impaired readers with a valid disability card. Every 14 minutes, one more book is downloaded to the mobile or computer of a visually impaired person. Perhaps to make his or her bus trip go faster, or to help them fall asleep, or maybe to help them relax and forget about the difficulties they face in their everyday lives. And we think that’s nothing to frown about.

The library is continuously being expanded and improved by our blind colleague Jiri Skraba, who has been there right from the start of the project. We would like to thank him for his great work.

Jiri Skraba – library manager
mobile: 603 421 054

Poet Jan Rakytka and Lady Mathilda