We help people with severe visual impairments

A satisfied client and a satisfied dog

From many years of experience we know that for a blind person and his dog to live in harmony, it is important to choose the right dog for a specific client, to calmly, thoroughly and fully prepare both and to make sure that both human and dog are happy.

A satisfied client

We are a great team!It is always the human in the human-dog relationship who determines how their life together is going to develop. The human must therefore be sufficiently instructed and properly prepared for his role as the owner and user of a guide dog. A guide dog will always be a dog, with all the traits of a dog inherent to it. It is a dog that has been trained, educated and prepared for the work of a guide. It will only become a great partner to its master when the traits of the dog fit in with the life of the human, precisely as he requires. Only understanding each other and synchronization of human and canine traits will act as the foundation for happy co-existence between human and dog.

A satisfied dog

The world is beautiful, isn't it?This is a dog that takes to its role of guide for the blind like a fish to water and that does its work willingly.
And with pleasure. Its work performance is balanced and the dog is reliable in various situations. A satisfied guide dog is predetermined for its role by its natural traits and has been thoroughly and sensitively raised
and properly trained. It must be a dog that is more than happy in human company, that is suitably gentle and adaptable, mentally balanced and easy to manage. At the same time, though, the dog is decisive and hard-working and must be able to cope with very busy surroundings and complicated situations. It must be able and willing to accept that it is looking after itself AND its human partner.

How to achieve this

By adhering to the rules of guide dog training tried-and-trusted at an international level. The standards of the International Guide Dog Federation – IGDF are fundamental to us and include the following basic steps in our work:

  • own breeding of puppies for training;
  • training puppies and young dogs;
  • training guide dogs;
  • preparing clients and handing over dogs in an expert way;
  • providing a service after guide dogs have been provided.

The International Guide Dog Federation – IGDF accepted our application for membership and we therefore earned the status of affiliated member awaiting full membership on 9.2.2015 after meeting the terms and conditions. By lodging an application, we satisfied the conditions of Act No. 329/2011 Sb. on providing contributions to handicapped persons and are authorized to provide guide dogs in the Czech Republic.